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Mewithoutyou - Julian The Onion - аккорды, текст

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Julian The Onion

  • аккорды, текст
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Julian The Onion
Julian the Onion
Ten Stories (b-side)

Tabbed by Matt Giesmann

The entire song repeats  Am  Dm / Am Em Am

I've skipped the interlude with the solo. 
For playing acoustically, I just linger on Am between sections

[]'s indicate speaker and are not sung

Am                               Dm
Logger Days, savannah, the menagerie packed its trains
     Am              Em             Am
Left Bitter Root, Montana for those old Nebraska plains
Am                                    Dm
Ticket sales were suffering now, with half the animals gone
        Am              Em                     Am
But the circus kept its course somehow and the show continued on
Am                                       Dm
Pitched their tents in Battle Creek on a makeshift flatbed stage
       Am              Em                 Am
With a draytop shotgun rhino's peak and a black wrought iron cage
    Am                             Dm
The barker sprung to action as the band began to play
        Am            Em                   Am
To introduce the new attraction who they'd picked up on the way

Am      Dm
Julian, Julian
Am         Em               Am
Julian the Onion who they'd picked up on the way

           Am                                   Dm
[BARKER:] "Cleanse your minds and palates, as I seldom mince my words
          Am              Em                 Am
This poor boy's a walking shallot; yes, it's shocking as you've heard!
         Am                                Dm
From his lonesome, yellow childhood, so fantastically deformed
       Am              Em                Am
He was battered by his classmates and sauteed like bantam corn
       Am                            Dm
'Red Vidalias!' 'Valley Sweets!' for twelve long, rotten years
         Am                  Em               Am
If he so much as skinned his knee, the entire schoolhouse moved to tears
   Am                                        Dm
We found him where he'd sprouted, plotting a garden coup d'etat
     Am               Em             Am
In a carrot stick and celery stalk manage-a-mirepoix
     Am                                  Dm
Now, feast your caramel eyes on the most savory sight in town!"
        Am           Em              Am
All his joking well-evoking peals of laughter from the crowd

    Am      Dm
But Julian, Julian 
Am         Em            Am
Julian the Onion was not laughing with the crowd

    Am                                     Dm
His jaundiced face was trembling, beads of sweat began to fall
         Am               Em              Am
Down his oblong gooseback forehead to his snuffed-out lantern jaw
    Am                                  Dm
His cut-shoot sprig of hair disheveled, tiny fists impearled
                   Am                 Em            Am
[JULIAN:] "No I am not this misshaped body, and I'm not long for this world
Am                                 Dm
Wooden dimes and quiet fears, come curl your lips at me
           Am              Em                       Am
But all perceptions are as mirrors, it's your own reflections that you see
   Am                                    Dm
So hide behind your laughs a while, look handsome though you may
         Am                  Em              Am
Oh, do enjoy that saccharine smile, as there comes for you a day"   
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