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Method Man - Bulworth - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга


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Aiyyo, wordup dunn

Man you know how I feel

Gotta be more to it than this, word up

*doing an impression of scarface*

This what its all about dunn? uh? 

Eating, drinking, fucking, sucking (cant understand)

Whattup, I dont know baby

Nah man, its not, its not yo word up

Im tellin you right now

I know this shit though, aiyyo

Disagreeable, foul energy, tryin to

Absorb my energy, knowin its the strength of me

Take a few to give me a edge

My green light shine bright, kryptonite type

Fully operational, my physical cream

Put the bottles of smoke down, pick up a magazine

Popped it inside the ar-15

Put it aside, round up the regime

While you rely on religion, I hold a nine

On the mission, to pull fire on your opposition

Revelation was the vision of this

Crack the heavens, its time to bring the business, shit

My story goes back to them lost pyramids

Im seeing things that you wont believe exists

He use a lunar-tick, suspended in time dunn

The secondary light got your mind

You rock the fatigues, to squab until ? popular? guns

But are you really prepared, for the things to come? 


Check it out

True underground sound from the boogie down

Uptown downtown gather round for the showdown, in they faces

Calling out these racists, at rolling stone

Spin details and other places, krs is the source

Fuck these magazine leadin hip-hop off course

Youll print about black mayors, black senators

Why you aint got no black editors? 

Everytime I do an interview in rolling stone

They sendin me a writer that look like hes home alone

Ignorant, to the culture and the microphone

This has got to stop -- your whole spot

Is blown sky high, battle why try? 

My view is birds eye, scopin with my third eye

You dont understand, why youre publically banned

Until you recognize the writing skills of a black man

Black editor, all of us aint thuggin

Gossiping over whos homosexual

Some of us are black intellectuals, up in harlem world

You cant get with me, so now in midtown

You wanna stop and talk to me? 

Bitch ass journalist, is this your fake hip-hop publication? 

Look Im burnin this

[method man]

How many didnt want to see it happen

Street moves, live from staten, if life is a joke, nobody laughin

Hate to see a brother do good through legal action

So you sabotage and throw a def in the squad

Fo-fos blastin, keep the po-po flashin

These dark soul assassins, jakes hate the gods with a passion

So I keep it movin in an orderly, fashion

Pedal to the floor -- peep the jim crow law, mind control theory

Yall niggaz dont hear me, generation next

Droppin fast whos next, next to get wet

By the reign of the tech-knowledgy, follow me

Open up wide now, swallow me, every calorie

Is reality the truth, the whole truth and

Nothin but the truth, taste is the proof

These niggaz want the juice, and in the crossfire

Be the youth, who didnt learn to duck when they shoot


What kind of party is this, its that political kind

Where americas best, most hypocritical minds

Try they hands at keepin yall deaf dumb and blind

And for the right dollar sign, do white collar crime

Behind suits, and clean shaves

I confuse em and use em as tools and slaves

Because my schools is graves and jobs is plantations --

I robs the damn nation

So I can live in luxury, you fucks with me

You marryin the dirt and ima throw in the tux for free

I tell the people what they wanna hear

I make em laugh and cheer, and then they re-elect me every year

So when the coast is clear, I stop duckin

And start back doin dope, cussin and fuckin

I kiss the babies, shake hands, wave and smile for flicks

Thats my style, my pol-i-tricks

Triple-six convicts, lyin is automatic

In the government, republican or democratic

Fuck freedom, justice and equality

Nigga just accept my apology and suck this trick-knowledgy
Добавлено: 23.02.2014
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