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Mayday - Play Pretend - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Play Pretend

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[Hook: Wrekonize]
Let's pretend
Like the things I said to you were never said
Like the beast that lives inside us wasn't fed
As if we really mean it this time, let's pretend
Let's play pretend, oh

[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
Seems so serious to me
Found a place that where we can be alone sometimes
Place outside of your zone
I take you before it's gone
I know, I know we need to go
Seems so fucking real to me
Found a hole and dug up this convenient fantasy
Brand new place of my own to be alone
For once be who you want, so just for now


[Verse 2: Wrekonize]
Play pretend
Seems like you have what you seem
Or is it that I can't see things for what they truly are?
Pretending so damn long
I don't know what's real
I hope, I hope I break the code
Maybe it's just make believe
Or maybe I'm just crazy, can't you think it's plain to see
The show's run all night long, too long
It's too much, too much to take for my own sake
I can't pretend


[Bridge: Wrekonize]
It's as real as you want
Nothing's real, nothings gone
Make believe it's not gone

[Verse 3: Bernz]
Must be a skitso
I paint more than one of myselves in a picture
Reality hits ya, they all try and to fix ya
But ain't nothin' broke I hope nobody misses ya
It's a difficult life
In a world cold as ice where to beat up for heist
They could took with no fight, nothin' ever suffice
When it come down to the odds, man I blew up with fights
Even from angels and gods, straight jack it to reach
Nurse scatch that I'm weak
Please kick up the dose to the point I can't even bleed
Tryin' to quiet the beast or release numb but fiends
At night in the scene
I sink deep on my knees, to be someone I'm not
For moments it seems
I reach for the pills, like a kid in a candy shop
Yeah I said that I stop, but I got fear of rejection
I put up my shield for my own protection

Добавлено: 09.11.2014
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