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Mayday - Internal Wars - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Internal Wars

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Internal Wars, Mayday, Ya'

What don't kill me only makes me stronger
Push me back but still I won't give in
We gonn' win, we gonn' win
We gonn' win, we gonn' win
Knock me down and Ima' get right back up
Ready for whatever, that's why we stay strapped up
We go in, we go in, we go in, we go in

[Verse 1: M1 of Dead Prez]
Ya, knock-knock, going in, going up, going out to the highest bidder
Knock-knock, knock-knock, going in, going up, going out, going out till the high is bitter
To my people in the back, everything in shackles
And you wanna get free, hide your fever
Cause you got one hand on the Bible and you got the other one dead on the trigga'
If I didn't pull it, dealing with this bullshit, problems of the world built up inside
Pressure was wife to the middle of the night
Let me show you how this motherfucker warrior ride
In the spirit of that, they god burnt us
Speakin' on the behalf of the blind folks, deaf, and the dumb
I wouldn't give a fuck I'll tear this motherfucker up
That's right, let me show you where the fuck I'm from

[Verse 2: Bernz]
Where we're from, is the belly of the beast in
Where the motherfuckin' rose and ?
From the north to the south, to the east in
Everybody knows better eat or be eaten
We reachin', we seekin', trying to get set for the day we get even
Trying to get bent to forget what we feelin'
Trying to buy shit to forget what they stealin'
No ceilings, just killin' fields and record deals
Where the youngs get slaughtered every day for the dolla'
In the hopes of mass appeal
So watch em' squeal, at the top of the lungs
But still nobody hears
Cause they whine about souls, but they ain't buy here
Cause they can't afford the bills


[Verse 3: Wrekonize]
This is my first and final stand
I've been trippin' but I never get a minute
Just to search inside the land
I'm paranoid, you see I'm whispering with talkin' heads
Thinking that they've called the feds
Try to keep me off my meds
This world is full of walking dead
Its been like this all along, I'm ready to walk now
I no longer wish to fall down, submit to the Betty in a ballgown
She truly thinks I'm unaware
And that shit I ain't trying to hear
Got a million other rebels, and it's time to steer
This fam' into another time of riot dear

[Verse 4: Reks]
Dealing with the highs and lows, I've been told
Got it for ? the pot of gold chose
Let's travel those on the battlefield, no
Straight to the ladder we go
That a boy, go-go gadget flow
Pass it case that radio round he ?, to the right
Thugizzle does this fool strapped up go in get cho ready for whatever
Any means necessary, on mark, get set go
Green chase, to the team lace
Till the need replace with the never-need state
Never see weight, enemy plates, wars in the war my ? space
Idda been a base
Met to the bottom of the bottom with a writing and forgotten I fade

Добавлено: 29.08.2014
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