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Lost Horizon - Heart Of Storm - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Heart Of Storm

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Rising from the ruins 

Yet my mind is burning 

Flames reflect those years of torment 

Life that drowned in fire 

Death was my desire 

Path of hate was a relief for me 

And then we stood there eye to eye 

The darkest grief against a pure heart 

Life baptised in metal By the secret of steel you are blessed, hail!!! 

Gift of power helps you vanquish All the mortal's plagues 

Heart of storm - I feel... the force is clean again 

Heart of storm - deep inside of me 

Heart of storm - and when I tear all roots of pain, 

Heart of storm - grief and agony, then I'll be free 

Hey! Ride on the wind! 

Lightning pierced my body 

Back again I'm rising 

Now you hear my primal calling 

Shout out even higher 

War's now our revival! 

Voice of truth is cryin' out for me 

And now we're standing side by side 

The tamed old hatreds next to mine 

Watch me ride on the thunder 

Followed by the warriors of steel, hail!!! 

Strive for justice, fight for freedom 

Yeah! This war is real! 

Heart of storm - I know... the force is clean again 

Heart of storm - all inside of me 

Heart of storm - and now I kill all grief and pain 

Heart of storm - Hey! And I kill the misery! 

Now the force is clean again 

All inside of me 

And as I've killed all grief and pain 

I crushed the agony, and now I'm free 

And my heart of storm 

I know... I know everything 

I am everything 

I'm alive
Добавлено: 10.03.2012
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