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Lemuria - Death & Submission (Requiem Aeternam) - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Death & Submission (Requiem Aeternam)

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As clouds engulf the land in darkness
Clattering echoes will the streets
Riding out into the moonlight
A band of blades sent forth
To seize the unsuspecting dissident

Give up now heretic, the time for justice is at hand
No longer you fiendish maggots shall pervert the book of Christ
Abjure your faith, dissenter
Give me all you know
You've mocked the church one time too many
The choice is yours, yield or die! 

We won't give in to your demands
Your aims are foul, your ways depraved
You fill the hearts of men with fear
Imposing your will by slaying true devotes

Choose your next words wisely, heathen
Or you'll feel the wrath of God
It's your last chance to save your soul
Before endless damnation
Repent your sins and unbelief
And thou shall be absolved
Embrace the one true faith
Or die at the stake

We'd rather die than to betray
We will remain true till the grave
We won't go down without a fight

So be it, fool
Your unwillingness shall be your end

"We'd rather die than to betray"

He felt a white searing pain as iron tore through his flesh
Overthrown by torment
Consciousness fading away
All hope was lost

Requiem aeternam
Dominus, illuminatio mea
Dominus, a cruce salus
In Aeternum

Death shall cleanse my soul
May my spirit be freed from this earthly hell

Condemned to purgatory
Sentenced to slowly rot away
The final hour approaches
Is this the end of my reign?

"We shall not renounce our faith
May your lord have mercy on your souls
And you betrayer, may your soul be crushed
And trapped forever in this world, you treacherous swine!
Добавлено: 20.09.2014
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