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Kyle Craft - Eye Of A Hurricane - аккорды, текст

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Eye Of A Hurricane

  • аккорды, текст
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Eye Of A Hurricane
Kyle Craft

G  E
G  E
A  C  G


         G                                         E
Well you sleep in late but she's up and out the window
     G                                                  E
Said nothing's gonna carry you to get where the wind blows
    A          C                                              G
Sometimes, she wakes up in the middle of the night cries acid rain
    A         C                                            G
She tried, to ride to fence of falling in love and going insane
     A          C                                            G
Well you got to watch her spin around from the eye of a hurricane


   C                               G
Oh, she took you, you were terrified
C                                       G
You're locked in man, your hands were tied
She leaned in just to crush your heart
G                          A                       C    A
She plays it cool till the music starts then she's wild
         C     A
She goes wild
 C  D


G  E
G  E
A   C  G


    G                                          E
Her mother was a demon but her daddy was the devil
        G                                     E
She fed scraps to a six headed hound at the table
                     A     C                                            G
Then you charmed and I was blown away the skin in the skies of a mortal man
            A    C                                              G
And darling I, I know I can't take the fire but I can take your hand

Then she burned you


               C                             G
And whispered: Come back when my daddy's gone
C                            G
We'll kiss down in the catacombs
You knew then that you had to go
G                      A                      C     A
Her kiss was sweet her curse was cold and you tried
         C     A
Yeah you tried
             C    D
And you still try


G  E
G  E
A  C  G  F (x2)


   C                                 G
Oh, she took you, you were terrified
C                                          G
You're locked in man, you're in her sights
She leaned in when the music stopped
G                           A                         C    A
She hit the street when the curtain dropped, you went wild
         C     A
You went wild
 C  D     G

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