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Ks Choice - 20000 Seconds - аккорды, текст

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

20000 Seconds

  • аккорды, текст
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20000 Seconds
Ks Choice
20,000 SECONDS
K's Choice
Album:  Cocoon Crash

Tabbed by: Arabella Pagaling
e-mail: kilcher31@yahoo.com
(this is a great song, hope that there's 
someone out there who knows about this band.)

they rock!!!!

standard tuning :	

Intro: G – C - Am – D  2X
G		C					Am	D
20,000 seconds since you left and I'm still counting
G				C
20,000 reasons to get up, get something done
but I'm still waiting..
	D			    G
is there someone kind enough to pick me up
and give me food assure me that the world is good
      Am		    D			G – C – Am -D
but you should be here, you should be here
G				           C
  how colors can change and even the texture of the rain
	      Am		     D
what's that ugly little stain on the bathroom floor
I'd rather not deal without right now
I'd rather be floating in space
	Am			       D
From where or worry about the ozone layer
G	      C		   Am		     D
   And it's almost like a corny movie scene
	    G			C
Well I'm out of frame and the light is bad
	   Am		         D
And the music has no theme
	       G			C
And we're all so strong when nothings wrong
	Am			D
And the world is at our feet
But how small we are
	     C		         Am			   D       G – C – Am – D 
When our love is so far away 		when all you need is YOU.

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