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Just Jack - Lesson One - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Lesson One

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It's hard sometimes trying to be a geezer 

A good bloke 

Five pints down the local pub 

Laughing at a filthy joke 

And sleeping around 

Just so that you can brag about it 

You've got to get the crumpet 

So you can blow your own trumpet 

And talking about football 

When you couldn't really give a fuck 

About Owen being injured 

And Watford's run of bad luck 

And cheering when a fight breaks out 

Even though you're feeling sick 

As a parrot 

But like a donkey to a carrot 

You can't help yourself 

Cos any sign of weakness 

Could be used to inflict injuries 

By one of your so-called friends 

To hide his own insecurities 

And nothing to look forward to 

But daily stress and bringing home the bacon 

And thinking about the other half of your wages 

The tax man keeps taking 

Staying strong emotionally 

When your soul is breaking 

And wondering when you're making love to your wife 

Is it real or is she faking 

And could it be that the most important things in life 

Are getting lost or missed 

When you're playing it safe 

One of the lads 

And scared to take a risk 



It's so hard 

It's so hard 


And sometimes 

It's so hard 

It's so hard 

When you're scared 


Its hard sometimes trying to be a geezer 

A good lad 

With pressures to get on in life 

And turn out like your dad 

And getting a house, dog, kids, car 

The whole kit and caboodle 

And making out you can't cook 

Apart from pot noodle 

Treating your lady with sensitivity 

Without the boys finding out 

And keeping your feelings under wraps 

So she'll never know what you're about 

Trying to be different 

But the same 

And trying to follow the rules 

Of the new game 

Staring at the picture in the frame 

An easier time, smiles shine 

Now almost everything's changed. 




Well sometimes its so hard 

It's so hard 

It's so hard 


When you're scared to 

You're scared to 

You're scared to 

To take a risk 

To take a risk 

To take a risk
Добавлено: 30.07.2012
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