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Jump Little Children - Lannigan's Ball - текст песни, видео

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Lannigan's Ball

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Im gin to spin yall a rhyme about a Jeremy Lanigan get a boom crack until he didn't have a pound and his father died-and it made him a man again-daddy left a farm and ten acres of ground. he had a party for friends and relations who did not dis him when come to the wall. and if youll but listen ill make your eyes glisten of the rows and the runctions of lannigan's ball.

Six long months i spen in Dublin

Six long months doing nothing at all

Six long months i spent in Dublin

Learning to dance for Lannigan's Ball

Myelf to be sure got a free invitation. for all the nice girlies and boys i might ask and in a minute both a friend and relation were dancing as merry as bees round a cask. there were lashings of punch and wine for the ladies. potatoes and cakes; bacon and teal. there were nolaus, dolans, o'gradys courting the girlies and dancing away. they were doing all kinds of polkas all around the room in a whirligig until Julia and I soon banished that nonsense and tipped them the twist of a real irish jig-

That girl, she got mad at me. danced til youd think the ceiling would fall. for i spent three weeks at brooks academy learning to dance for mr lannigan's ball.   boys were all merry and the girls they were hearty dancin together in couples and groups until an accident happened, young terrance mccarthy put his right leg through miss finnerty's hoops creature fainted and cried 'mellia murther' called for for her brothers and gathered them all carmody swore that he'd go no further til he had satisfaction at lannigan's ball. in the midst of the room miss kerrigan fainted. her cheeks at the same time as red as a rose.  some of the boys decreed that she was painted. her sweatshirt ned morgan so powerful and able. when he saw his fair colleen stretched by the wall, tore the left leg from under the table and smalled all the dishes and lannigan's ball

Boys oh boys  there was a runctions. myself took a lick from big phelim mchugh.  but i soon replied to that fine introduction and kicked him a terrible hullabaloo.  casey the piper he nearly got strangled they squeezed up his pipes, bellows, chanters andall.  the girlies their ribbons, they got all entangled and that put an end to mr lannigan's ball.
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