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Joy Zipper - 1 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга


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Joy Zipper
Haven't tabbed a song in years, but this one spoke to me after hearing it in the Cigna 
commercial.  I may be misnaming some chords and may be a half step off and maybe a note 
or two, but it still sounds pretty good.

Intro / Chorus      | End Intro/Chorus  Verse

e---------------------------------|    |----------------------------|
B----4----------------------------|    |----------------------------|
G----5---5---8--------------------|    |----8--------5--------------|
D----5---6---8---8--|--6---9------|    |-----8----5---5---6---------|
A----3---6---6---8--|--6---9------|    |---6----5---3---6-----------|
E--------4-------6--|--4---7------|    |--------3-------4-----------|
     C   Ab  Eb  Bb    Ab  B              F    A   D   Bb

F      A           D         Bb            F
Lying naked in the sun making eyes at everyone
A          D Bb
you're the one
F     A               D             Bb      F     
        A     D  Bb
later on you'll stand alone, a lone empty moon, with an empty heart in
       C     Ab  Eb  Bb  Ab  B
your empty hands

F       A               D
And the flowers and the trees
     Bb              F
all laughing at your bike
         A         D   Bb      F
and the neighbors kids run and hide
           A    D            Bb            F
if they only knew you were really one of them
A     D    Bb
but you're not
C          Ab  Eb  Bb
you're the one
C          Ab  Eb  Bb
the one
C          Ab  Eb  Bb
the one
Ab  B
the one

During solo 2 x
F A D Bb

C          Ab  Eb  Bb
the one
C          Ab  Eb  Bb
the one
C          Ab  Eb  Bb
the one
C          Ab  Eb  Bb
the one
F        A        D              Bb              F
Could it be we're alone and the moon was full of gold
       A                     D           Bb               F
your heart was filled with blood and the sun was in your hands
    A                   D
the sun that burned you then,
    Bb                 F
now warms you're empty heart,
       A        D
people come and go,
but you're the
C          Ab  Eb  Bb
C          Ab  Eb  Bb
the one
C          Ab  Eb  Bb
the one
C          Ab  Eb  Bb  Ab  B  C
the one
Добавлено: 27.07.2012
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