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Jon Lord - Gemini Suite: IV. Vocals (Yvonne Elliman & Tony Ashton) - текст песни

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Gemini Suite: IV. Vocals (Yvonne Elliman & Tony Ashton)

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All the words that a world can use
come to Lord, easy to amuse
and the right to choose.
And to make up for your friend,
beginning and the end,
let us kneel and pray, 
one more day.

Charity, human kindness, 
family, human blindness,
open mind, lend a helping hand.
Fight for peace, make love, not war.
What are we fighting for?
Strange the things we say,
games we play.

I bet it'll never ever be the same,
It doesn't mean I've got to blame,
stand up and shout your name,
who knows it could all change?
Sit down on your comfy old ass,
we've only come to see our pass
get on your heads and reach for the grass
and fly away...

There's no qualm in humanity,
it's a sin to delay.
You must know where're you going

Give us time,
there's a lot to do.
Make it right,
make the dream come true. 
We rely,
but to dream, but to dream... 
Is it all a dream?

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