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John Hartford - First Girl I Loved - табы, видео

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

First Girl I Loved

  • аккорды и текст

It is difficult to convey the timing, but the strokes come late. Listen to a recording 
better understand

Run (Guitar):

Run (Guitar)(alternative):

Run (Mandolin):

F     Cm7     F     Cm7

        F                  Ebsus2
I was in love with you oh before I knew

        Bb                           Bb_
It meant more than just wanting to be with you

         Fsus2          G7                     Run
I used to look for other girls that looked like you

       F                      Ebsus2
But the laws of nature said forget it son

Bb                         Bb
Least that's what somebody told me

 Fsus2              G7                     Run
I worried about it a little bit, but that's all

I dreamt that you we Joan of Arc
and I was Don Quixote
And everywhere we went the world was tinfoil

But I gave up dreaming and became a priest
It put it right out of my system
I worried about it a little bit, but that's all


       Dm               C
Now you used to play the guitar

  Dm     C    Bb      Gm
We worked in a country band

  Dm                   C             Gm    C        Gm7   C
We hung out down on the river bank on Sun---Days

    Bb             F
Your brother was my closest friend

  Gm7            Fmaj7
He drove a pickup truck

  Bb               F                   C   C        Gm7   C
He used to bring me home sometimes from highschool

Now I was fifteen oh the very first time
Love broke completely inside me
We were young and we were learning about it together

And we had enough of what we thought we'd need of those
Well known secret fables
We worried about it a little bit, but that's all

I regret that life won't be long enough
To make love to all the women that I'd like to
Or least of all to live with the ones I've loved

But I've never regretted a love affair
Except one but that's all over
I worried about it a little bit, but that's all

Now I heard you lived way up north
Your kids are fat and plenty
And I haven't seen you brother since way last Easter

And if every other girl in the whole wide world
Was just a little bit more like you
I'd worry about it a little bit, but that's all

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