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Jim - Get This Party Started - текст песни

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Get This Party Started

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I can give you love and affection
more then you can ever want hmm
and I can give you so much attention
Jump your body all night long

Cause I just wanna hold you tight
I gotta have you every night
I feel you swat'n, and I can't resist
Oh baby let me be the one
The night has only just begon
I am the doctor and need my feeds

We'll have a good time
Yeah let's make it last
Were already to deep now
And we can't turn back

Why don't we get this party started
Drop the bompin'on and 
someone turn the lights out
Why don't we get this party started
That's the way we want it
someone turn the lights out

Let's take it slow
I turn you on

Let's take it slow
Till break of doawn

Mister DJ spin that record
I falling of a number one
Take the change you won't recred it
It might happen only once 

I feel this fever coming on
while this groove is playing strong
so baby show me, cause I stop for love
We'll take it off and turn it on
The more I give, the more you want
So baby tell me cause we can't go wrong noo

ooh we'll have a good time   
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