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Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah Chords - табы

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Hallelujah Chords

  • аккорды, текст

I'm not sure if this is completely correct, i sat at my piano and played the melody then took the chords from there so hopefully, it'll work for whoever uses it. Tis very simplified version. Intro as you wish and it's also good if you work out a nice picking pattern.

Verse 1:

Well I (G)heard there was a (A)secret chord
That (G) David played and it (A)pleased the lord
But (A) you don't really care for music (G) do ya?
And it (G)goes like this the (D)fourth the fifth
The (C)minor fall the major (D)lift
The (Em)baffled king composes (D)hallelujah.


(Em)Halle(A)lujah, (A)Halle(Em)lujah.
(Em)Halle(A)lujah, (A)Halle(Em)lu(D)uu(G)ujah.

Verse progression continues for the next 4 verses, as does the chorus, improv a solo or something for that part or switch off to picking which is what i do. enjoy.   

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