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James Mcmurtry - Crazy Wind - аккорды и текст, видео

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James Mcmurtry - Crazy Wind - аккорды и текст, видео

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Crazy Wind
James Mcmurtry
One of my favorites on James McMurtry's "Too Long in the Wasteland"  No capo, 
standard tuning.  It's easy to play and sing :)  Good luck!


Am                                  G
Gone off in the pitch-black dark to work the morning tour
He's halfway to the highway and he won't be back for hours
    G                                                         Am
His taillights down the gravel road, you watch them round the bend
G                       Am
Nothing's on the TV but something's in the wind
                 G                       Am
And it makes you crazy, and it makes you blue
                G                        Am
It's a restless feeling and it's nothing new

Listen to the buzzing of the June bugs and the flies
The sink's all full of dishes - you might just let 'em lie
You might just pour yourself a drink and sit outside a while
He won't miss the whiskey - he know's it's not your style
And he don't care enough to even wonder why
You fight off his fumbling hands with daggers in your eyes

F                           C
Time sure flies when you're having fun
G                            Am
Wasn't it just yesterday you turned twenty-one
F                             C
Does it still matter what you might have done
        G     F    Am
Had you tried

His bird dogs in their wire cage are barking at the moon
You turn the covers back and hope the dawn don't come too soon
Draw the shades to keep your dark eyes from the glare of the vapour light
But the sheets are cool and empty and you won't sleep tonight
With a half moon rising and a warm gusty breeze
Blowing from the southwest, whispering in the trees

F    C    G    Am
F    C    G    F    Am

The asphalt 'neath the tires makes a hollow whining sound
And it stretches on forever through a thousand little towns
With their stores all dark and silent and their flashing yellow lights
And nobody sees you passing in the fury of your flight
You'll see them later, some other day
Self preservation, what can you say

Time sure flies when you're having fun
Your mind's made up now and it's all said and done
Flying down the four-lane with the morning sun
In your eyes

Добавлено: 08.11.2013
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