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Jack White - Lazaretto - аккорды, текст, табы, бас-таба

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга


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Авторы музыки: Jack White
Авторы текста: Jack White
Jack White
                            LAZARETTO – Jack White
Tabbed by: Pat Malavi

See tab versions of this song for main riff.

F# 2443xx
E  0221xx
A  577xxx
Ab 466xxx

F#           E
My veins are blue and connected
    F#                      E
And every single bone in my brain is electric
F#                E
But I dig ditches like the best of 'em
F#              E
Yo trabajo duro, como en madera, ¿y eso?
F#              E
F#              E
                 Como en madera, ¿y eso?

         F#              E
And even God herself has fewer plans than me
        F#                 E
But she never helps me out when my scans for free though
F#                E
She grabs a stick and then she pokes it at me
F#                 E
When I say nothing, I say everything
   Yeah when I say nothing
   I say everything

F#               E
They put me down in a lazaretto
F#          E
Born rotten, bored rotten
F#            E
Making models of people I used to know
F#            E
Out of coffee and cotton
    F#                     E
And all of my illegitimate kids have begotten
       F#                 E
Thrown down to the wolves, made feral for nothing
F#             E
Quarantined on the Isle of Man
    F#                    E
And I'm trying to escape any way that I can, oh
  Any way that I can, oh
  I don't

F#        E
I have no time left, time is lost
F#         E
No time at all, throw it in a garbage can
F#                E
And I shake God's hand, I jump off
F#                      E
And let her know when I can, this is how I'm gonna do it

-- solo --

E          F#   E
They wanna blow down the prison
E                F#    E                    F#     
They're lighting fires with the cash of the masses
E            F#
E            F#    E
And like the dough I don't fall down
E        F#    E                   F#  E
I'm so Detroit I make it rise from the ashes

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