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Israel Houghton - Moving Forward - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Moving Forward

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Moving Forward
Israel Houghton
Israel Houghton 
Moving Forward
Key A
140 BMP

Intro:   D  F#m7  D  A    F#m  E

               A                G                    A      F#m7              G       E
I'm not going back I'm moving ahead,   I'm here to declare to You      that my past is over, 
    A                       Em                   F#m7
in You old things are made new,   I surrender my life  to Christ, 
      G              D        Intro Riff
I'm moving, moving forward.

Verse 1:
A                G                        A         F#m7     G        E        A
   What a moment    You have brought me to,   such a freedom     I have found in You, 
                  G                       A    F#m7  Gma7
You're the healer who makes all things new yeah yeah  yeahhh

Verse 2:
A                   G                         A                F#m7     G    E       A
     You have risen    with all power in Your hands,   You have given me     a second chance
             G             A       F#m7      Em9        A         F#m7      Gma7
Hallelujah      hallelujah    yeah   yeah     yeahhh       yeah    yeah      yeahhh

You  make  all  things  new  Yes 
You  make  all things new 
D                           A        F#m E  F#m E
and   I  will fol-low  you forward

During the Intro and Bridge, there's a Run of F# G# A G# F# repeated as notes behind the chords D and F#m

This are the parts as accurate as you can get without printing the full Lead Sheet. 
Добавлено: 07.12.2015
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