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Irving Berlin - Whose Little Heart Are You Breaking Now? - текст песни

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Whose Little Heart Are You Breaking Now?

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[1st verse:]
Butterfly, you're like a butterfly, baby vampire
Thro' the year, you're sipping honey here and there
Your love is like a blushing rose
It just comes and goes
Butterfly, you're just a butterfly,
With your string of helpless beaux

Whose little heart are you breaking now, little butterfly?
Who is the one that you're shaking now, little butterfly?

Who keeps on ringing
Your telephone, one-two-three-four?
Who keeps on singing
"What do you want to make those eyes at me for?"

Who sends you candy and flowers now, little butterfly?
Spending above what his folks allow

I wonder whose feelings you're hurting
When he catches you flirting
Whose little heart are you breaking now?

[2nd verse:]
Seems to me, you're like a bumblebee, baby vampire
Buzzing 'round, but never settling down, that's you!
Why don't you give up stinging hearts?
Don't you know it smarts?
Taking them and simply breaking them
In a thousand diff'rent parts?

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