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Irving Berlin - When You're Down in Louisville (Call On Me) - текст песни

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When You're Down in Louisville (Call On Me)

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[1st verse:]
Goodbye, ev'rybody, I'm on my way to Louisville
I feel, oh, so happy I hardly can keep still
Although my home is very small, I invite you all
If you will come, you'll be welcome any time you call

Don't forget Don't forget
When you're down in Louisville Louisville, Louisville
Just call around, I'll be found in the town directory

I'll have the table set
No fancy dishes
But the things you get
Will all be delicious
And you're just as welcome as can be

When you get there, take a Jitney bus
Call on us
I'll have you see the family
If you're ever so lucky to be down in Kentucky
Don't forget to stop at Louie, Louie, Louisville
And call on me

[2nd verse:]
Listen, ev'rybody, we've got the fairest women there
Lovely dispositions and locks of golden hair
They've got complexions like the rose, ev'rybody knows
Nature made them, we parade them dressed in simple clothes

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