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Irving Berlin - Settle Down in a One-Horse Town - текст песни

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Settle Down in a One-Horse Town

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[1st verse:]
I'm getting tired of the glare and light
I've had enough of staying out at night
There's nothing in it, honey, honor bright
I'm through, all through
A little cottage in a One-Horse Town
That's where I'd like to go and settle down
I'd be as proud as if I wore a crown
If I had you

Come, let's settle down
In some small country town
Away from all this care and strife

Far, far away from Cabarets
We'll stay among the Jays
And live the quiet simple life

And from the time the rooster calls
I'll wear my overalls
And you'll wear a simple gingham gown

So if you're strong for a shower of rice
We could make a Paradise
Out of a One-Horse Town

[2nd verse:]
I love the city with its buildings tall
I love apartments with a great big hall
The place you speak of would be much too small
For me, sweetheart
I'd rather live upon Fifth Avenue
The simple life for me would never do
I really couldn't go away with you
When do we start?

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