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Irving Berlin - Mr. Jazz Himself - текст песни

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Mr. Jazz Himself

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[1st verse:]
I know a certain young fellow
Who's filling people with joy
How would you like to say "hello"
To this remarkable boy?
Ev'ryone's talking about him
He's been the topic for days
He's just a winsome gent
With an instrument that plays
I'd like to have you meet him

Shake hands with Mister Jazz himself
He took the saxophone from off the shelf
And when you hear him play
You'll say that he's been taking lessons up in Heaven
That dreamy moan is his own 'riginality
He knows a strange sort of change in a minor key
I don't know how he does it
But when he starts to play the blues
He's like a messenger of happy news
No one else could ever do it as
My friend, Mister Jazz

[2nd verse:]
I never cared about discords
They never cared about me
But when I listen to his chords
We both agree to agree
He's not a Wagner or Verdi
He's not a classy highbrow
He's just a boy who has
Put the joy in jazz and now
I'd like to have you meet him

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