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Irving Berlin - I'm Not Prepared - текст песни

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I'm Not Prepared

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[1st verse:]
Jack McCoy, a soldier boy
Was taken from the battle wounded
A pretty red cross nurse
Was there to see that he wouldn't get worse
From the start she won his heart
So when he started to get better
He called her to his side
And in a pleading voice he cried

Don't make me love you because I'm not prepared
My heart is weak and I'm a trifle scared
Oh, can't you see I'm in a bad condition
With no ammunition
So please don't attack me with those bewitching eyes
Each time your fingers touch my wrist, I can't resist
I fear that I must surrender
You've got me in your power
I'm weak'ning ev'ry hour
For when I gaze into your great big eyes
It seems my temp'rature begins to rise
Please don't make me love you
Because I'm not prepared

[2nd verse:]
Jack cried out, "There is no doubt
If you continue your attack, dear
You'll soon capture my fort
Then I'll be left with a wife to support
That won't do, I'm warning you
It won't be easy for your Jack, dear
To raise a family
Upon a soldier's salary"

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