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Irving Berlin - I Want to Go Back to Michigan (Down On the Farm) - текст песни

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I Want to Go Back to Michigan (Down On the Farm)

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Авторы музыки: Irving Berlin
Авторы текста: Irving Berlin
[1st verse:]
I was born in Michigan
And I wish and wish again
That I was back in the town where I was born
There's a farm in Michigan
And I'd like to fish again
In the river that flows beside the fields of waving corn
A lonesome soul am I
Here's the reason why:

I want to go back
I want to go back
I want to go back to the farm
Far away from harm
With a milk pail on my arm
I miss the rooster
The one who useter
Wake me up at four A.M.
I think your great big city's very pretty, nevertheless
I want to be there
I want to see there
A certain someone full of charm
That's why I wish again
That I was in Michigan
Down on the farm

[2nd verse:]
You can keep your cabarets
Where they turn nights into days
I'd rather be where they go to bed at nine
I've been gone for seven weeks
And I've lost my rosy cheeks
That's the reason I'd rather have the country life for mine
My thoughts are far away
That's just why I say:

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