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Irving Berlin - I Didn't Go Home at All - текст песни

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I Didn't Go Home at All

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[1st verse:]
Jack and May were newly-wed, a loving pair were they
Until the other day, when Jack said to his May:
"Tonight I have to talk some bus'ness with some bus'nessmen
But rest assured that I'll return at ten"
That night he left the flat, and simple wifey sat
Up with the cat for Jack who never came
The day was dawning when he rambled home again
And said: "My darling, please let me explain":

I heard the clock strike
One A.M.
One A.M.
One A.M.
It told me of my promise when I left you in the hall
Before I knew 'twas
Two A.M.
Three A.M.
Four A.M.
But you know I promised to be home at ten
So I didn't go home at all

[2nd verse:]
Jack remarked, "It's eas'ly seen that I'm not all to blame
My explanation's tame, it's true tho' just the same
Much rather than disturb you from your slumber so divine
I lingered just to pass away the time
And then again you see, I didn't take the key
Which proves that my intentions were the best
I even said a pray'r that you might not despair
Besides I knew how much you needed rest":

[3rd verse:]
Jack had been forgiven and the future seemed so bright
Until the other night, his May was not in sight
She went to see a sick friend but had promised to come back
At sixty minutes after nine, to Jack
At sixty minutes past next morn she came at last
Her op'ning speech was "I've been with my friend
Because they said she'd die, I wanted to be nigh
And so I waited for the coming end":

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