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Irving Berlin - Harem Life (Outside of That Every Little Thing's All Right) - текст песни

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Harem Life (Outside of That Every Little Thing's All Right)

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[1st verse:]
While trav'ling through Turkey in my dreams
I chanced to stray
Right into a harem and it seems
They let me stay
I spoke to the Sultan's favorite wife
Before I fled
I asked her how she liked harem life
Here's what she said

Living in a harem, what a life
Ne'er a thought of care or strife

Waiting on the Sultan night and day
Ever ready to obey

He keeps me dancing morning, noon and night
Dancing fills 'im with delight

I am black and blue from the dance I do
But outside of that ev'ry little thing's all right

[2nd verse:]
I wanted to know how many wives
The Sultan had
She answered each day a wife arrives
Fresh from Baghdad
How did he continue on that plan
So many years?
She answered "He's just a poor old man
With young ideas"

Eight of the Sultan's wives are we
And there are a whole lot more
Weekdays he marries two or three
And Sundays he marries four
He has a hundred agents who
Lead very busy lives
Keep him supplied with wives
And now we'll tell in rhyme
Just how we spend our time

Ev'ry morning to his bed I bring his toast and tea

I prepare his bath for that's the job he gave to me

I massage his brow because he likes my gentle touch

I then manicure his nails and never hurt him much

I bring him his slippers ev'ry evening after eight

I then fetch his cigarettes upon a silver plate

I arrange his bed at nine, he gets so sleepy then

I begin to dance and then he's wide awake again

And then we all dance to the vision of Salome

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