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Irving Berlin - Florida by the Sea - текст песни

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Florida by the Sea

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Down in the land of the cocoanuts
Before the welcome season shuts
A million "million dollar nuts" will be found
Down in the land where the trees are tall
We're asking you to pay a call
And live where it is summer all the year 'round
Buy a lot, any piece that we've got
Will increase ev'ry season
Ask us why ev'ryone wants to lie in the sun, there's a reason
One little ride in a Pullman car
A night and day and there you are
Come on, it's time you should be Florida bound

In the lovely land of Florida
Sunny Florida by the sea

All the sunshine in America
Is in Florida you'll agree

When they're freezing up north
Sneezing up north
Always it's July the Fourth

In the lovely land of Florida
Sunny Florida by the sea

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