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Irving Berlin - Dat's-a My Gal - текст песни

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Dat's-a My Gal

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[1st verse:]
I'm in love like a dove
Got no time to work-a with da pick and shov'
Feel so gay that I say
If I die tomorrow, honest boss I feel no sorrow
'Cause I feel so fine all the time
Got-a such-a feeling like da champagne wine
Since I met-a my sweet Annette-a much love I get-a for mine

My gal, she's-a got-a such-a figure
So big, maybe it's a little bigger
Small feet just-a like-a Japaneese-a
Big waist, it take me seven days to squeeze 'er
My gal, she's a dream-a, peach-a, cream-a
Sweet to beat the band and
When you see a miss who got-a shape-a like-a diss
Dat's-a my gal

[2nd verse:]
My gal's pop he's nice wop
He's-a got-a much-a swell-a barber shop
Once he said when we wed
If the business is rotten he's a shave-a me for not'in'
And he's got some gal what
Manicure my fingers ev'ry day for not'
Feel so glad that I can't get mad and I feel yet better than that

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