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Irving Berlin - Blow Your Horn - текст песни

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Blow Your Horn

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[1st verse:]
Barnum and Bailey were wonderful showmen
In the theatrical world there are no men
Who would claim to be their equal
And the sequel
Was, they made the "tin," packed them in ev'ry season
I know it well and I'll tell you the reason
They were a pair of handbill throwers
Horn blowers
You must talk about yourself
Or they'll put you on the shelf

Blow your horn
Let 'em know you're comin'
Blow your horn
That'll start 'em hummin'
Just make a whole lot of noise
The only way to collar ev'ry dollar is to holler
Mister Barnum said
Ev'ry other minute
There's another one born
You'll strike it
Just like Barnum
Make 'em like it
Gosh darn 'em
Yell out
You'll sell out
If you'll only blow your horn

[2nd verse:]
Some people argue against advertising
How they can feel as they do is surprising
I'm a walking eight sheet poster
I'm a boaster
The red, white and blue and its value was doubted
Till Georgie Cohan started singing about it
Now, ev'ryone who was against it
Commenced it
You will be a household word
If you just make yourself heard

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