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Intwine - Dutty Step - текст песни, видео

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Dutty Step

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Try to find myself seems a hopeless case 
I'd rather just give in to all there is to taste 
Seems like all the done has been written down in ink 
That can never be erased 

What ye did I know ye wish ye didn't do 
Cause all the wrong ye did it tends to stick with you 
Just regret never change nothing yet 
Ye can't repay that debt until ye change ye dutty step 

I know my mind is set changing wrong to right 
Though I tried my best it leaves me sleepless nights 

But I know it's real, what I do is real 
I can't help it's real, no I can't help it's real 
Though It fills me with regret and makes me wish we never met 
And I can't somehow change my bet, maybe it's best that I forget 
Try to find my way back home soon 

Lately I've been thinking hard, wish I acted from the heart 
Played another part, make a fresh start 

But that would be surreal, that can not be real 
The wrong end of the deal, that would be unreal 
My heart would never agree, not be here if it wasn't me 
Another thinking came for free, except my wrongs 
That part of me, was forgotten history   
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