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Hayes Carll - Bye Bye Baby - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Bye Bye Baby

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Bye Bye Baby
Hayes Carll
 [Verse 1]

     G                              C           G                                   
You laughed and called me lucky for having you around
                           Bm              C   G
Then you stepped up to the bar and started swayin'
                   Bm              C           G
The crowd all sang Ophelia as we drank another round
            C       D  G 
Oh bye bye, bye bye baby

G                             C                   G
Rain fell on the window as we watched the sailors dance
                       Bm             C     G                    
You kissed my hand and said you were beside me
                Bm            C                   G            
I held onto the moment when I thought there was a chance
            C       D  G
Oh bye bye, bye bye baby

[Chorus 1]

D                                 C              G 
Way out in the distance where the waters fade to blue
    D                          C                G 
You used to say tomorrow was a foolish thing to do
  Em                                 C                  G 
I thought I'd seen it all before but nothing quite like you
            C       D  G 
Oh bye bye, bye bye baby

[Verse 2]

    G                                C                 G
I'd read to you the letters that had blown in from the west
                        Bm                    C  G
And we'd whisper of the dreams that we'd been savin'
                       Bm              C          G
You said you'd have it all, nothing more, nothing less
            C       D  G       
Oh bye bye, bye bye baby

[Chorus 2]

D                        C               G
Now there's an emptiness standing at the door
D                             C         G
Trying to take me back to the way I was before
Em                                 C               G
I used to feel alone here but it's not that way no more
            C       D  G
Oh bye bye, bye bye baby

[Verse 3]
 G                                               C                G
Now the drunks have turned to strangers, And the stars are out of tune
                     Bm                 C     G
As I think about the one who might have saved me
                        Bm                    C               G
I know you're out there somewhere between the highway and the moon
            C       D  G
Oh bye bye, bye bye baby
            C       D  G
Oh bye bye, bye bye baby
Добавлено: 22.02.2018
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