Get In The Ring

Guns N Roses - Get In The Ring - аккорды

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Get In The Ring
Guns N Roses
[ Предположительная тональность: A ]

Intro--- A   E   D x6

[A]Why do you [E]look at me when you [D]hate me?
[A]Why should I [E]look at you when you [D]make me hate you too?
[A]I sense a [E]smell of [D]retribution in the air
[A]I don't even [E]understand why the [D]fuck you even care
[B]And I don't need your [E]jealousy yeah
[B]Why drag me down in your [E]misery   [A] [hammer-on/pull-off Bb]x4   [D]

[A]And when you [E]stare you don't think I [D]feel it
[A]But I'm gonna [E]deal it back to you in [D]spades
[A]When I'm havin' [E]fun ya know I can't [D]conceal it
[A]'cause I know you'd never [E]cut in my [D]game, oh no
[B]And when you're talkin' about a [E]vasectomy, yeah
[B]I'll be writin' down your [E]obituary...history!   [A] [hammer-on/pull-off Bb]x4

You got your [B]bitches with the silicone injections
[D]Crystal meth and yeast infections
[A]Bleached blond hair, collagen lip projections
[B]Who are you to criticize my intentions?
Got your [B]subtle manipulative devices
[D]Just like you I got my vices
[A]I got a thought that would be nice
I'd like to [B]crush your head tight in my vice... [C#]pain!!

[A]And that goes for all you [E]punks in the press
That want to [D]start shit by printin' lies instead of the things we said
That means [A]you Andy [E]Secher at Hit Parader, [D]Circus Magazine
Mick Wall at Kerrang, [A]Bob Guccione [E]jr. at Spin
What you [D]pissed off 'cause your dad gets more pussy than you?
[A]Fuck you! suck my [E]fuckin' dick!
You be [D]rippin' off the fuckin' kids
While they be payin' their hard earned money to [B]read about the bands they want to
know about
Printin' [E]lies, startin' controversy
You want to antagonize me? [B]Antagonize me motherfucker!
Get in the ring [E]motherfucker! and I'll kick your bitchy little ass, punk!!!
[A][hammer-on/pull-off Bb]x4   [B] [hammer-on/pull-off C]x4


[C#]I don't like you, I just hate you
I'm gonna kick your [F#]ass, oh [D#]yeah! oh [G#]yeah!   [C#] [hammer-on/pull-off D] x8

[B]You may not like our [E]integrity yeah
[B]We built a world out of [E]anarchy oh yeah!   [back to introduction riff/chords 'til
the end of the song]   A   E   D

And in this corner, weighing in at 850 pounds; guns n' roses!

Get in the ring(x16)

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