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Gristle Throbbing - Weeping - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга


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I want to make you happy just a little
I want to find you something which is certain
I found nothing lying, weeping, bleeding
You never saw me weeping on the floor

It's impossible to advise anybody
Be courageous, take it easy, just show trust
Be reasonable, be an old ghost weeping
You didn't see me weeping on the floor
You didn't see me weeping on the floor

My arm is torn open like a wound
My universe is coming from my mouth
I spent a year or two, listening to you
Discrediting myself for you
You didn't see me on the floor weeping
You didn't see me lying by the door
You didn't see me swallowing my tablets
You can't look inside my eyes no more

Weeping Weeping Weeping

We created cars to fight for space to be in
We created work to waste our time
We created love, so one can be the victim
We all need as a result, we all need love
But don't know what to do with it
What's the sense of a situation we can't fight
It's alright when you both want to fight
But when one of them doesn't want to fight
It's the end of love.

Just looking at first degree burns
I'm weeping (I can't sing a song like this)
You didn't see me weeping on the floor
You didn't see me lying on the floor
You didn't see me weeping on the floor
Alone on the floor

I'm basically nothing like this
We're all on the floor
I don't want to carry on
Except I can't even cease to exist
And that's the worst
Добавлено: 14.12.2013
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