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Greg Russell And Ciaran Algar - The Queens Lover - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Queens Lover

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Авторы музыки: Greg Russell
Авторы текста: Greg Russell
The Queens Lover
Greg Russell And Ciaran Algar
Greg Russell And Ciaran Algar - The Queen's Lover

## NOTE 1: Parentheses (  ) indicate missing or incorrect lyrics.        ##
##         If you know the lyrics, please put them below in the          ##
##         "comment" section and I will make the corrections. Thank you. ##

## NOTE 2: For the sake of simplicity and novices,   ##
##         I have omitted the Walk-Ups from G to C.  ##
##         For those who want to play the Walk-Ups,  ##
##         it is simply G-Gadd9-G-C.                 ##

{INTRO:] G  C  D  G    C  D  G    C  D  Em  G  C  D  G

[VERSE 1:]
           C           D         G
Born in September, sat under the tree
                 C              D              G
She read all the books, she was different from me
                      C          D                Em
When she came to my attention, I watched her each day
    G            C           D            G
The Queen of Old England, my heart stole away

[VERSE 2:]
                       C         D                  G
When they told her the news, she watched the leaves fall
                C          D           G
Her father, she loved him, but most of all
                   C             D               Em
She promised to be different and hear the people call
    G          C           D         G     C  D  G
The Edward had married, it ruined it all_____


[VERSE 3:]
                C         D            G
I danced at her court and I watched her smile
                  C                D             G
To new tunes from Yorvith, brought home with the piles
               C           D             Em
In gold and in silver, she knighted them gay
    G          C           D            G
The pirates in England, my Queen stole away

       C             G      C            D
And we counselled her and I gave sound advice
        C             G        C           D
Put her heart over my country, was my only vice
  C         G       C              D
I was the minority against the old guard

[VERSE 4:]
         C              D            G
When the young man from Paris, as he came through the door
  C                        D               G
I knew what he wanted, I'd seen his like before
                    C           D                   Em
He was charming and handsome, I watched his courtly ways
G                C   D           C    G  D  G
Some lads with ( ? ) want you to stay

[INSTRUMENTAL:] G  C  D  G    C  D  G    C  D  Em  G  C  D  G  (2x)

[VERSE 5:]
                   C          D           G
I was shadowed by (doubtful), she gave me hope
          C                D             G
I was her favourite and we danced to the ropes
               C         D            Em
But when I did fall, the council came down
    G            C          D           G
The hope was her lover, the fall of her crown
                   C          D           G
Her hopes with her lover, the fall of her crown
                   C          D           C   G      C  G
Her hopes with her lover, the fall of her crown__
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