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Gordon Lightfoot - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp, ноты

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга
Страна: Канада
Даты: 17.11.1938 - ...

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • Early Morning Rain [1966, сингл]
  • Lightfoot! [01.1966, альбом]
  • Spin, Spin / For Lovin' Me [1966, сингл]
  • The Way I Feel [04.1967, альбом]
  • Did She Mention My Name [01.1968, альбом]
  • Back Here on Earth [11.1968, альбом]
  • If You Could Read My Mind / Sit Down Young Stranger [04.1970, альбом]
  • Summer Side of Life [1971, альбом]
  • Don Quixote [1972, альбом]
  • Old Dan's Records [1972, альбом]
  • Sundown [04.1974, альбом]
  • Cold on the Shoulder [1975, альбом]
  • Summertime Dream [06.1976, альбом]
  • Endless Wire [1978, альбом]
  • Dream Street Rose [1980, альбом]
  • Shadows [1982, альбом]
  • Salute [1983, альбом]
  • East of Midnight [1986, альбом]
  • Waiting for You [13.04.1993, альбом]
  • A Painter Passing Through [11.05.1998, альбом]
  • Harmony [17.05.2004, альбом]
  • Rhino Hi-Five: Gordon Lightfoot [21.06.2005, макси-сингл]
  • Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald / The House You Live In [Digital 45] [18.08.2009, сингл]

Концертные альбомы:

  • Sunday Concert [10.1969]
  • Live in Reno [2002]
  • All Live [24.04.2012]


  • The Best Of [1970, сборник]
  • Early Lightfoot [1971, сборник]
  • The Very Best of Gordon Lightfoot [1974, сборник]
  • Gord's Gold [1975, сборник]
  • Fantasstic [1977, сборник]
  • The Best of Gordon Lightfoot [1981, сборник]
  • Songbook [1985, сборник]
  • Over 60 Minutes With ... [1987, сборник]
  • Gord's Gold, Volume II [11.10.1988, сборник]
  • Best of Gordon Lightfoot [1991, сборник]
  • Lightfoot! - The Way I Feel [1991, сборник]
  • The Original Lightfoot [30.10.1992, сборник]
  • 36 All Time Favorites! [1993, сборник]
  • The United Artists Collection [05.10.1993, сборник]
  • Early Morning Rain [13.01.1995, сборник]
  • Songbook [15.06.1999, сборник]
  • Did She Mention My Name? / Back Here on Earth [01.01.2000, сборник]
  • Gordon Lightfoot [2001, сборник]
  • Early Lighfoot / Sunday Concert [15.11.2001, сборник]
  • Complete Greatest Hits [02.04.2002, сборник]
  • Classic Masters [16.09.2003, сборник]
  • Dream Street Rose / Shadows / Salute [13.05.2016, сборник]
  • East of Midnight / Waiting for You / A Painter Passing Through [16.02.2018, сборник]
Название Материалы
10 Degrees And Getting Colder
14 Karat Gold
A Lesson in Love
A Message to The Wind
A Minor Ballad
A Painter Passing Through
A Passing Ship
A Tree Too Weak to Stand
Affair on 8th Avenue
Affair On Eighty Avenue
Alberta Bound
All I'm After
All The Lovely Ladies
Always on The Bright Side
Anything For Love
Approaching Lavender
Baby It's Alright
Baby Step Back
Ballad Of The Yarmouth Castle
Bells of The Evening
Bend in The Water
Betty Called me in
Biscuit City
Bitter Green
Black Day In July
Blackberry Wine
Boss Man
Brave Mountaineers
Broken Dreams
Can't Depend on Love
Canadian Railroad
Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Canary Yellow Canoe
Carefree Highway
Cherokee Bend
Christian Island
Christian Island Georgian Bay
Christian Island Gerogian Bay
Circle Is Small
Circle Of Steel
Clouds Of Loneliness
Cobwebs & Dust
Cold Hands From New York
Cold On The Shoulder
Cotton Jenny
Daylight Katy
Did She Mention My Name
Does Your Mother Know
Don Quixote
Don't Beat me Down
Dream Street Rose
Drink Yer Glasses Empty
Early Mornin' Rain
Early Morning Rain
East of Midnight
Ecstasy Made Easy
Edmund Fitzgerald
Endless Wire
Fading Away
Farewell to Annabel
Farewell To Nova Scotia
Fine as Fine Can be
Flyin Blind
For Lovin Me
For Lovin' You
For Loving Me
Forgive me Lord
Ghosts of Cape Horn
Go go Round
Go My Way
Gotta Get Away
Hangdog Hotel Room
Heaven Don't Deserve me
Heaven Help The Devil
Hey You
Hi'way Songs
High And Dry
Home From The Forest
I Heard You Talkin In Your Sleep
I Used to be a Country Singer
I Want to Hear it From You
I'd do it Again
I'll do Anything
I'll Prove my Love
I'll Tag Along
I'm Not Sayin'
I'm Not Sayin' / Ribbon of Darkness
Id Rather Press On
If Children Had Wings

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