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Glen Campbell - Long Black Limousine - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Long Black Limousine

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Long Black Limousine
Glen Campbell
Long Black Limousine
Glen Campbell

(No Intro)  Strum G chord once

Verse 1

 ( No Chord )                   G         C               G
There's a long line of mourners   driving down our little street
Their fancy cars are such a sight to see  
G                     G7          C               G
They're all your rich friends who knew you in the city
                        D                   G 
And now they've finally brought you home to me

Verse 2

G                          G7           C             G
When you left you know you told me some day you'd be returnin'
In a fancy car for all the town to see  
G               G7               C               G
Now everyone is watching    you finally got your dream  
                       D              G
And you're ridin' in a long black    limousine


    C                       C7       G
The papers told of how you lost your life  
The party and the fatal crash that night
    G             G7             C                G
The race upon the highway    the curve you didn't see
                        D                 G
And now you're in that long black    limousine

riff   G  C  G  D  G  G7

Verse 3

        C                                    G
Through tear filled eyes I watch as you ride by  
A chauffeur at the wheel dressed up so fine
     G          G7
I'll never love another  
   C                G
My heart and all my dreams 
                     D               G    C  G
Are with you in that long black limousine

God Bless Glen Travis Campbell
Добавлено: 23.12.2017
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