But Not For Me

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Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!

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текст песни (слова) "But Not For Me"

Old Man Sunshine, listen, you, 
 Never tell me dreams come true, 
 Just try it, and I'll start a riot, 
 Beatrice Fairfax don't you dare, 
 Ever tell me she will care, 
 I'm certain, It's the final cutain.
 I never want to hear from any cheerful Pollyannas 
 Who tell me fate supplies a mate
It's all bananas

They're writing songs of love, but not for me, 
 A lucky star's above, but not for me, 
 With love to lead the way, 
 I found more clouds of grey, 
 Than any Russian play could guarantee.
 I was a fool to fall, and get that way, 
 Hi ho! Alas! And also Lack a day! 
 Although I can't dismiss, 
 The memory of her kiss, 
 I guess she's not for me.
 It all began so well, but what an end, 
 This is the time a fella needs a friend, 
 When every happy plot, 
 Ends in a marriage knot, 
 And there's no knot for me.

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