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Five Times August - Audience Of Zero - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Audience Of Zero

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Sold out, 
No doubt, 
Things are gonna be looking that way someday, 
Can't wait for the great things I've been working for
Just wait, 
Things will change, 
You'll see, then agree with me, 
That it's gotta be some kinda dream that we've all seen before

Then those who'll want me,
Are those who forgot me
From the days when I only played inside one room, one light, one mic, and a mirror
Singing to myself with an audience of zero

In stereo 
I'll be your hero 
From the left ear to the right, oh, 
You'll be stuck inside your headphones
And so I told you
I bought and sold you
Cause I did not hesitate to relate to your common sense, 
It wasn't make sense, so let go of the lyrics and dive right on in

So don't say things won't come my way
Don't say things won't come my way
Remember this face you'll be seeing it someday

From street corners, 
To each state border, 
I'll play stages for all ages, wages gaining, I'll be making, taking, breaking, my pay
Then suddenly you'll say, 
Hey, what happened to they days when you would play inside one room, one light, one mic, and mirror? Singing to yourself with an audience of zero?

I thought I told you
Those days are all through
I'm tired of being the one whose all alone, still I'm on my own
Cause I'm under-rated, and a little bit jaded, hated, graded, but you'll be taken in when I finally make it, make it, make it, I'm gonna make it
Добавлено: 01.05.2012
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