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Finger Eleven - Thousand Mile Wish - аккорды, текст, табы, бас-таба

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Thousand Mile Wish

  • аккорды, текст
  • gtp-табы
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Авторы: Sean Anderson, Scott Anderson, Rick Jackett, Rich Beddoe, James Black

Thousand Mile Wish
Finger Eleven
Thousand Mile Wish - Finger Eleven
Standard Tuning & 1/2 step down
                        Riffs are for guitar 2 Only
                        (Riff A)          (Riff B)    (Riff C)
  G Gm  F Fm  E Esus4 Em

   Gm             F                       Esus4
Forgive me if now I wear the face of worry
Esus4        Em                         Gm
This time alone could never cause any doubt
    F                  Esus4
But I've been cold too long
       Em                                        Gm
Such a strange time to find myself coming down as the rain
     F                  Esus4
With all these holes my love,
       Em              Gm
To fill up from the middle
     F                    Esus4  ...Em
This storm could stay all night

                         Fm        G
So can you stay until we close our eyes
         Fm          G
Til your dreams hold mine
     Fm            G             Fm       E
Just stay until we know we tried one more time

(Play Riff A)
               Gm         F                      Esus4 ...Em
Cause laughing lovers can overcome their closest demons
Gm                         F           Esus4  Em
And they'll go on and they won't let go...oh no
They saw something that they know
    F              Esus4...Em
Has never come so close
       Gm          F             Esus4     Em
Can it stay here...stay here for us, for now?
                     *(Stop playing Riff A here, Play Riff B)
                     F        G
Can it stay until we know ourselves?
    F         G
I'm torn as I tell
                        F             G
You're the story that I know and fell from
                                        *(Stop Playing Riff B here, Play Riff C)
           F                 G          F...G
I'm so far into your story I don't know why
   F     G        F       G
We think we're in control
                        *(Stop playing all Riffs)
     F      G           F
When we lie between the lines
We'll find a line to follow

It's got to show real soon
(Play Riff A)

Or we'll never reach this high

We climb a little further
               F                     Esus4          Em
Cause there's nothing we can't get around together
             Gm           F                        Esus4    Em
Further gets colder until nothing was all that I saw around

(Stop Playing Riff A, Play Riff B)
So we stay until the ground
         G               F          G
That we can't come down from splits us away
                  F      G
Maybe stars know why we fall
        F                           G
I just wish they were thinking out loud

*(Stop Playing Riff B, Play Riff C until end)
    F        G          F...G
Oh, I
    F        G          F...G
Oh, I could wish all night
    F        G          F...G
Oh, I could wish all night
*Start playing outro
    F        G          F...G
Oh, I could wish all night
    F        G          F...G
Oh, I could wish all night
    F        G          F...G
Oh, I could wish all night
    F        G          F...G
Oh, I could wish all night

(For the outro a third guitar just plays feedback effects with a phaser)   

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