Abel's Song

Fifteen - Abel's Song - Текст песни

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I was a lonely kid I use to read dictionaries

Compared to things I've done since it seems quite ordinary

I can hear her outside spitting up her blood

She's crying in the parking lot it hurts it really hurts a lot

To lave this lonely living hell behind

And now I know I'm not the only one

And I know that you can hear me just as sure as there's a sun

Now I'm outside tapping on your door

You pretend like it doesn't matter alone in bed but there's my shadow carpeting your walkway to my mind

Could've been me could've been you it had to be one of us

But heck I'd like to think that we had much more to discuss

Someone came and punched her in the face

Was he drunk was he insane I held him there till the cops came

And drove him off somewhere to sleep it off

Lady it's just your band luck the men just want to fuck and fuck

and leave you nowhere on a cold November night   
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