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Fiend - Going Out With a Blast - текст песни

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Going Out With a Blast

  • текст

All I know is if I gotta go is if I gotta go
But I'm going out with a blast
Going out with a what?
(Chorus:) X 2
Going out with a blast
The tats bucka bucka
Murder on my mind muthafucka
So fuck ya
[Verse 1]
I'm on the run with identical guns murder in the first
Preachin smilin makin money cause my guns hate to disperse
What the worst that could happen to capital F I?
I might die, but gon try, see, the stakes is my right eye
Believe and shoot with the automatic
Collect and recieve with all the cabbage
What's my advantage? Have you forgot I'm the baddest, baddest
Decrowned of all my men, nine milli-cheetah-meter
That's the brain tissue, heart pauses, and ass eater
Welcome to the edition of bullets spittin and ass kickin
My mission to glisten off a every writtin re-dition
What's my livin? It's givin the Fiend, sellin, tryin to rock it
My logic the profit, and it's likely you drop it, stop it, jock it
It's my sad ass ex-bachelor's cash
Tell me, how them N.O. playas going out, my nigga?
With a blast
[Verse 2]
You niggas a buncha young bucks with young luck so
What the fuck up? My bitches talk lead, and them hoes ain't stuck up
Already, cause of me, ain't no (?) in the helicopter
So I had to holler at P to get the chopper
Proper, hollow that a popper
From that third, a crazy bitch out the Yo
But keep a nigga with herb
Word, you ain't heard? This nigga kinda fed up
Pressure, to my head up, til I, pop a fed up
Bled up, the whole block, smoked out like Woodstock
If you could you would not plot and get chopped
Mobbed from the cocked glocked, last heard was a hum
From two things I can't control, my cum and my gun
[Verse 3]
Leave his life for me
And I'm a make sure his ass gon suffer
Heard he was a fed, I'm a blow up off his cover
He didn't already warn my mother, man I wish I could duck it
But fuck it, I done already snorted past my budget
His life, I'm a rush it
Dead quick with a bang
Cause now muthafucka, take a damn thing where I hang

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