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Fiend - Forgive Me - текст песни

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Forgive Me

I used that light, uncommon chanse -
The gift of Life, you see... and blame!
But so tenacious raw-boned hands
Of grief will catch me soon... again!
I'm cuddling up to the ground,
To know, where You are.
But Your steps do not make sound,
This Silence gives rise to Fear.

I am the whisper in the night,
I walk, Where water cannot flow.
My noiseless steps, my inner fright
Will turn my soul to stone with glow.

This world, which was condemned one day,
Will cast down as the Destiny's prey.
It' ll breach these walls - your thoughts are blind
It' ll flow deep into your mind

Life's just a game with no rules
There is no sympathy for fools
Creator's name is keeping dark
And in the ages it is stuck

Forgive me for this silent pain,
For these crawling years,
I was keeping back in the rain,
Who I am.. properly in your sacramental fears.
The mystery of me is hiding in the shade,
In the shade of Your reflection of fade...

You must boldly go forward,
Don't need to see any road,
If you take a false step
Understand, you're entrapped.
Be awaring in advance
Of the Destiny's romance -
A crook in the lot for you
Have You wait for something new?

I have lived all life as actor,
Seemed to be unlike I am.
My essence was vanished hectored
Now it's lost for world in dreams.

Under my mask you will see dirty face
Dashed with the lie of Life in this insane race
Of Life, which don't worth a stiwer
Running after the sun, I became alone in this River.

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