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Fiddlers Green - Kiss U Miss U - текст песни

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Kiss U Miss U

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Alone with you, there comes a time that makes the change
A change deep down inside of me
Once I was blind, now every sense crawls back to life
And like a new-born I can see

It takes no life to catch the bliss of happiness
We long for moments that will last
There comes the time when I'll be standing at your side
A long day's journey into night

Those seconds are the rags of time
But they will make you see
Those moments never pass you by
I store them, I hold them in me

Oh, I kiss you, miss you anyway
Oh, I kiss you, miss you every day

There comes a time when I will find that precious love
Comes a time when time will end
There comes a time when we will dance the night away
A time when we will not pretend

Those seconds...   

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