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Fergie - Pick It Up - текст песни

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Pick It Up

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The sun didn't come up today
This lonely won't go away
It somehow feels
Nothing's real
Like a stranger wears my face

I Pick Up and call
I Pick Up and call
Cause I need to go
I Pick Up and call, yeah

I feel you missin' me
Is there something that you need
Cause we got more babe
Then you know
And this water's runnin' deep

You pick up and call
You pick up and call
'Cause you need to talk
You pick up and call, yeah, yeah

I Pick Up and call
She picks up and calls
We pick up and call
'Cause we need to go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Call me on my phone girl
Anytime you want girl
Seven in the mornin'
Pick it up you know I will

Baby ain't no wrong time
For you to call up my line
You stay on my mind girl
You stay on my mind lady

Nothing really matters
When we sit and chatter
Your voice is just like magic 
baby, abracadabra,

you put a spell on me
Yeah girl you done that voodoo
So you won't you dial up my digits
So I can talk to you

And I Pick It Up, I Pick It Up
Pick It Up, I Pick It Up (5x)

It's crazy.
How it's so hard for me to just, call you
It's like I have these feelings, but
Someone just keeps, holding me back
I don't know what it is, it's like my insecurities, my
I just gotta know, that your gonna be there

I feel you missin' me
I know you missing me
Cause I've been missin' you
Baby it's true, it's true, it's true
I know your wantin' me
Just call and talk to me 
To know your needin; me
Like I need you, I need you, I need you

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