Where Is Your Boy Tonight

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Where Is Your Boy Tonight
Fall Out Boy
[ Предположительная тональность: G ]

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST..I know already that this is not exactly how
this song is played, I intentionally changed the chords used for the
intro to make the song easier to play for novice players, so please
consider this when commenting and rating this tab.

secondly, i wanted to create a chorded version of this tab for novice
players who prefer to play from chord tabs as opposed to tablature.

and thirdly, this song has a very fast strumming pattern..
(especially the intro) that takes time to get down, i advise
listening to the song while playing, just to get the timing and
the tempo changes correctly.

anyways, here it is...enjoy

Artist : Fall out boy
Song   : Where is your boy tonight

Tuning : Drop D

Chords Used
Am     -(xx0220)
Asus4  -(xx0230)
B5     -(x244xx)
Asus2  -(x0220x)
D5     -(x577xx)
G7sus4 -(444xxx)
A7Sus4 -(555xxx)
B7sus4 -(777xxx)
E7sus4 -(x799xx)

Vocal intro - Accapella

Guitar Intro is in 2 parts

(i put a strum guide here to show how it goes)

Part 1..(this part is played four times over, very quickly)

 1 strum, 4 strums, 1 strum, 4 strums, 1 strum
   Am       Asus4      Am      Asus4      Am.. X4

Part 2..
 11 quick strums...11 quick strums
     B5               Asus2

Verse 1
 D5 D5            G7sus4 A7Sus4
......When I wake up..
        G7sus4 F#7sus4
..I'm willing to take my
 G7sus4 A7Sus4   A7Sus4 B7sus4..D5
chances on,  .....Hope I forget
D5 D5          G7sus4 A7Sus4
That you hate him..
        G7sus4 F#7sus4
more than you notice
 G7sus4 A7Sus4   A7Sus4 B7sus4..D5
I wrote this for you, for you, oh

You need him
I could be him
E7sus4         A7Sus4                 B7sus4
I could be an accident, but I'm still trying
B7sus4  E7sus4                  D5..
That's more than I can say for him, yeah

Repeat intro PART 1 here

(the chorus has a varying strumming pattern..listen to the song)
D5   A7Sus4  E7sus4
Where is your boy tonight
G7sus4 A7Sus4   B7sus4
I hope he is a gentleman
E7sus4   G7sus4     A7Sus4   B7sus4
Maybe he won't find out what I know
E7sus4       G7sus4         A7Sus4..(let ring)
You were the last good thing about this part of town

Repeat intro Part 1 again here

Verse 2..(chords are the same as verse 1)
Someday I'll appreciate it in value
Get off my ass and call you
The meantime I'll sport
My brand new fashion of waking up with pants off
At four in the afternoon

Repeat pre chorus

Repeat intro part 1 again

Repeat the chorus twice to end

well thats it, enjoy...don't forget to rate and comment. cheers :)

Fall Out Boy - Where Is Your Boy Tonight - ноты

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