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Emilie Autumn - Faces Like Mine - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Faces Like Mine

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You say you're curious
Can't leave a thing to your imagination
I wish you'd close your eyes
But oh you seem so serious
I should enjoy the sweet interrogation
You start to hypnotize me
I should know by telling you
I'm flattered by your interest
Who am I talking to?
Could be the demon with a mask
Why should I trust in you?
I don't feel safe
I never did
But what else can I do
But what you ask?

Think of your darkest night
Think of your soul alone
If you can bear the sight
Think of the love you'll never know
Yes, it's unusual
To live your life this way
All I can say
Maybe that's why you don't see
Faces like mine every day

You'd like to stir it up
Just like a sight forgotten 'til remembered
I didn't ask for this
But still you hold me in your gaze
And from my lips
The moments I have captured
Still I'm in reminiscence
From a place you'll never know
I find the strength to tell you things I hardly ever show
My mirror holds your severed tongue
But in your amber eyes
I see the the questions never end
I never could disguise
So why pretend?


Who will forgive me?
No one knows I've done wrong
Won't you believe me?
'Cause I won't last that long
No, I
I wanna be quiet now
All alone
Back to my shadow
I'm gonna hide behind
The trouble in my mind

You say you'll stay around
You've finally found the answer to my story
Congratulations, love
So go ahead, decipher me and
Solve the puzzle if you need the glory
I wish I could be of your kind
I'd to be the one
To tell you how much you don't know
It isn't what I've done
But rather what I hold inside
Even if I give up
I won't be victim to your game
You're only free when you have nothing left


Every day...
Добавлено: 28.07.2014
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