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Emery - Secret - текст

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On the way to grey 
I could hardly wait 
To see you again 
To feel your hands 

Covering me 
Till the storm is done 
What seemed to be the end 
Was not the end at all 

When I hear the rain 
Should I be afraid?
For my, for my 
For my... life 

Why do you look at me that way? 
I told you that I was too busy to see you 
I would never keep a secret from you 
From you 
From you 

Is it over? 
I am fine 
Thank you dearly 
For your time 

I'll be leaving 
Don't you cry 
I'll be back soon 
At least I'll try 

Can't you see 
There is no time to think 

Yesterday's gone 
Tomorrow's here 
Can't turn back now 
I won't quit 

I still love you 
I swear,
I always will

I always will
I always will   

Emery - Secret - ноты

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