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Emerson Lake Palmer - Hymn - The Only Way - текст песни

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Hymn - The Only Way

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People has stirred moved by the word.
Kneel at the shrinedeceived by the wine.
How was the earth conceived? infinite space.
Is there such a place? you must believe in the human race.

Can you believeGod makes you breathe.
Why did he lose six million jews.

Touched by the wingsfears angel brings
Sad winter stormgrey autumn dawn
Who looks on life itselfwho lights your way? 
Only you can say. how can you just obey? 
His the only way.

Don't heed the wordnow that you've heard.
Don't be afraid: man is man made.
And when the our comesdon't turn the away.
Face the light of day. and do it your away.
His the only way.   

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