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Elton John - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp, ноты | Страница 7

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга
Название Материалы
Stan (feat. Eminem, Dido)
Stan (Excerpts)
Stand By Your Man
Steal Away Child
Step Into Christmas
Stones Throw From Hurtin'
Street Boogie
Street Kids
Sugar On The Floor
Suit Of Wolves
Susie (dramas)
Suzie (Dramas)
Sweat It Out
Sweet Honesty
Sweet Painted Lady
Sweetheart On Parade
Take Me Back
Take Me Down To The Ocean
Take Me To The Pilot
Taking The Sun From My Eyes
Talking Old Soldiers
Tartan Coloured Lady
Té De Mon
Teacher I Need You
Tear Drops (feat. Lulu)
Tell Me What The Papers Say
Tell Me When The Whistle Blows
Texan Love Song
Texas Love Song
Thank You For All Your Loving
Thank You For Your Loving
That s why they call it the blues
That's What Friends Are For
The Ballad Of Danny Bailey
The Big Picture
The Bitch Is Back
The Bridge
The Cage
The Camera Never Lies
The Captain & The Kid
The Circle of Life (From "The Lion King")
The Drover's Ballad
The Emperor's New Cloth
The Emperors New Clothes
The End Will Come
The Flowers Will Never Die
The Fox
The Fox - "Лиса"
The Goaldigger Song
The Gods Love Nubia
The Heart Of Every Girl
The King Must Die
The Last Good Man In My Life
The Last Song
The Letter
The Man Who Never Died
The Messenger
The Muse
The North
The North Star
The One
The Pacifier
The Panic In Me
The Panic In Me (Ost Дорога на Эльдорадо)
The Perfect Love
The Power
The Retreat
The road to El dorado
The Scaffold
The Show Must Go On
The Tide Will Turn For Rebecca
The Trail We Blaze
The Trail We Blaze ("The Road To El Dorado" OST)
The Wasteland
The Way You Look Tonight
The Weight Of The World
The Wide-Eyed And Laughing
Theme (The First Kiss)/Seasons
Theme From A Non-Existent Tv Series
There Is Still A Little Love
There's Still Time For Me
They Call Her The Cat
This Song Has No Title
This Town
This Train Dont Stop
This Train Dont Stop There Anymore
Three Way Love Affair
Through The Storm (feat. Aretha Franklin)
Thunder In The Night
Time Has Told Me
Tiny Dancer

Страница создана 21.02.2012

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