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Elliott Murphy - Small Room - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Small Room

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Авторы музыки: Elliott Murphy
Авторы текста: Elliott Murphy
Small Room
Elliott Murphy
Song:          Small Room
Artist:        Elliott Murphy
Album:         Beauregard (1998)
Tabbed by:     Javier de la Fuente

Capo 1st

C   F   C   G   C   F   C   Am      G

C               F           C           G   
Well it was a small room, about ten by nine
C                 F      Am      
Paintbrushes and canvas, a jar of turpentine
C                     F        C                   G   
He'd be there in the morning, when the light was fresh
C                          F            F  Am
The only time he turn his back on her, was when she would undress
C             F    C            G   
Her name was Judy, Judy out to lunch
C                   F      Am
Her boyfriend was Frankie,   she called him Punch
C                     F         C                G   
He said let's take a break now, my old legs are stiff
C                          F                    Am
He saw her bruises in the mirror, he said that bastard will you look at this
C                          F   C                        G   
She said Frankie's a good guy, he just drinks too much wine
C                          F                   Am
The old painter said you can tell me about it,   some other time
C                     F   C                   G   
But I'd like to meet him, this boy friend of yours
C                                     F  
Why don't you tell him to come by on Fridfay night, 
  After he closes his store

F   Am   C        F   Am   C   G   Am    G    F        
C   G    Am    G   F      Em      C    F    C   G   C  F   Am

C                       F      C                G   
Now Judy came back on Monday, and the door was locked
C                   F         Am
When the landlady opened it, even the cops where shocked
C                  F              C                  G   
Punch he lay in a pool of blood, throat slit ear to ear
C                    F            Am
The old painter was dead as well,  his painter knife was near
C                          F        C                     G   
The cop said one man was murdered, the others heart gave out
C                          F  
But whoever painted this portait of you Judy, 
  Of his love there is no doubt
C               F           C           G   
Well it was a small room, about ten by nine
C                 F      Am                  Am
Paintbrushes and canvas, a jar of turpentine
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